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Bizarre Short-Lived Marriages - Sensory Override

About Bizarre Short-Lived Marriages

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Actress Eva Bartok's third marriage (her first had been at 15) was to film publicist William Wordsworth, a descendant of the poet. She left him immediately after the wedding ceremony.

Attila the Hun died on the night after his wedding in 453. It is rumored that his desire to consummate the marriage proved fatal.

In January 1994, a Barnsley couple split up 12 hours after the ceremony following a wedding-night fight over the bride's ex-boyfriend.

Silent movie star Dagmar Godowsky decided to split from her second husband when, immediately after the ceremony, he put his arm around her and asked possessively: "Who do you belong to now?" She got him to buy her dinner and then she left him.

One of the shortest royal marriages was that between Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves. Henry thought she was ugly and had the marriage declared void after six months. He also ordered Thomas Cromwell, who had recommended Anne as a suitable bride, to be beheaded.

U.S. actress Jean Arthur split from husband Julian Anker after one day.

An hour after getting married at Kensington in November 1975, Kathryn Sluckin stunned new husband Jerzy and his relatives by announcing at the reception: "It won't work."
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